Menus: Essence and Affirmation

Spanish tradition and avant-garde come together with some of the most special cuisines in the world.

Our gastronomic proposal is a reflection of the background of our chef Paco Roncero, with great influences from multiple gastronomic cultures around the world that merge with the roots of Spanish culture, resulting in surprising dishes. Appetizers standout such as the anchovies marriage with romesco sauce and yellow chili or the cod brandade lemon pie, starters with fresh product such as the shrimp with pink tomato snow, the king crab, the American shrimp or the black butter sole. Creations that make you feel a great classics of international cuisine where the excellent raw material gets all the attention, giving up to unique compositions.

Moments such as the bread service, which ends its fermentation at the table and is then baked and enjoyed, together with some extra virgin olive oils from our exclusive selection of more than 60 monovarietals available in the PacoRoncero´s workshop oil library; the staging of some of the dishes or our transgressive wine pairings, take center stage in a new way of understanding service and attention in the dining room. The interaction with the diner becomes the main course, making the restaurant experience a true gastronomic performance where the dining room and kitchen merge to offer a show that can be tasted with all five senses.

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